Some things never change

When I was a student/wannabe journalist [1] I often got advice from actual journalists on the best way to get work experience and thus further in the industry. All of it had a ring of truth to it. A large amount was ever-so-somewhat patronising and an even large amount was incredibly cynical.

Earlier this week I got asked by an aspiring journo fresh out of college for help and advice in getting work experience with the company I work for. Having re-read what I sent her, it is rather cynical, ever-so-somewhat patronising.

Id quot circumiret, circumveniat, I believe. Still, it's another step on the career ladder.


Closer to home, my housemate owed me a small sum of money. I said petty cash or a pint would be fine.

Earlier this evening, he went to the supermarket to pick me up some odds and sods and brought me the amount he owes me. In cheese. Three different cheeses to be precise.

I'm still perplexed.

[1] When, I saw wannabe. I still am now, but with two differences. People pay me money to do this under the delusion I know what I'm doing, and the Spice Girls are no longer together.