Just an update to the Ebbsfleet post from a couple of days ago.... there's a load I'd like to say on this but haven't quite had time. Thankfully 200 per cent has had more time on his hands than me and has read through the relevant documents for MyFc. This was his conclusion: "what I might have described as my "mild concerns" over the long term well-being of this club have now escalated to what I can only describe as "alarm"."

I've also asked a couple of questions on fans boards to what I assume has been one of the MyFC hierarchy, who also posted a comment on 200 per cent's original post. The responses, which I'll try and go into in the next couple days, raise as many questions as answers.

Chris Dillow and Tim Worstall have also given their opinions, which I hoped they would. Chris gives an excellent, reasoned argument as to why he's skeptical, while Tim also makes a very good point:

"This is one of the joys of liberal capitalism. That people can go off and make these experiments and then report back on whether they do work or not."

I hope, for Ebbsfleet's sake that it does work. I still suspect that, in the long-term, it won't.