Blogs. Journalism. Again.

A very nice piece on Publishing 2.0 [1] asking if blogs can do journalism. The short answer is obviously yes.

Gawker's move shows why journalism schools up and down the country should be showing and encouraging their students to blog (although you can take a journalist-in-training to a keyboard, but like the proverbial horse and water, you cannot make them write), and why media organisations should be doing the same to their existing staff.

I can see plenty more blogs/journalism crossovers in the months (years ahead). There will still be a 'them v us' mentality from some quarters, but hopefully that's becoming less common. Blogging won't usurp journalism. Journalism, no matter how high a standard, won't see off blogging. But the two can definitely find a happy medium.

What would be really interesting would be to see how attitudes to blogging have changed among the intakes on assorted journalism courses. Up until now, I've been if not quite a lone voice, then one of a very faint chorus singing the virtues of blogging in every job I've had. And even 18-or-so months ago, when I took my postgraduate diploma in journalism, the percentage of people who 'got' blogging was worryingly low, with the number of regular bloggers even lower. It'll be interesting to see how the current intake view Web 2.0 (or 3.0, depending on where you see this being in. Shall we say 2.5 as a compromise?)

[1] Via Strange Attractor.