Gary Elsewhere

Soccerlens again. Why you shouldn't write off Game 39 just yet. Incidentally, I'll be doing a weekly column on non-league/lower league football every Tuesday at Soccerlens, so if you're one of the two readers on here who genuinely get excited when I start talking about football stuff, please do put it in your bookmarks or RSS feeds.

For non-football fans who read this blog (that'll be the other eight) you can rest easy, and I may only occasionally post about visiting hell-holes of Britain in pursuit of the beautiful game. Did I tell you I'm off to Crawley on Tuesday?

Finally, please don't think the football stuff means I'm neglecting you ten. I've been a bit busy, outside of the football writing, but normal service will be resumed soonish. Not next weekend though. I'm going out drinking with some Scots (amongst others), so may be having my liver replaced the next day.