Out of the frying pan

Mansfield Town thought they probably couldn't do worse than Keith Haslam. The current chairman owes the club over a million pounds in loans and to say he's a bit unpopular in Mansfield is like saying the Titanic had a few structural defects. But now colourful John Batchelor wants to buy the club and rename it Harchester United. For those who're wondering why Harchester, it was the name of a fictional football team on Sky One's Dream Team a few years back. Batchelor apparently thinks adopting the name will tap into extra support and possibly untold riches. Riches that will probably head towards Batchelor.

As the Pitch Invasion piece notes:

"Mr. Batchelor has, as they say, form on this kind of behaviour. Of his many ill-fated schemes while helping drive York City into the ground, one included renaming the club York City Soccer Club to attract American interest. Batchelor has confessed to asset-stripping companies, making £120,000 out of York City (having bought it for £1 eighteen months earlier) before its collapse."

It all sounds like prime material for a reality TV show, so perhaps Harchester is an appropriate name after all.