Gary Elsewhere (Leigh Genesis) plus a quick moan

At Soccerlens. The evolution, if that's the right word, of Unibond side Leigh RMI into Leigh Genesis. Having read back the piece this morning, if it seems a little more cynical than usual, it's because I've seen this scenario all too many times. New chairman takes over at small, often non-league, club. Pumps loads of money in an effort to achieve their vision, whatever that may be. Pulls out when vision fails to be reached or cash runs out. Club goes down the shitter.

I don't know whether it's the Abramovich effect that's seeped down into lower levels or, as has usually been the case, businessmen with a bit more money than sense like being a big fish in a small pond for a bit and proclaimed as a hero around the town.

I've got nothing per se against Leigh Genesis, Ebbsfleet, or any of the other teams in similar situations. It's the people who build up the dreams and expectations only to pull out when the going gets tough. Hopefully Genesis and Fleet with prove to be the exceptions to this rule, but it's happened time and time again and it's always the fans who suffer most when everything goes tits up. Perhaps I'll be wrong here, but I can't see Leigh being any different.