Silly blogs

Adam Tinworth asks if blogs, like newspapers, have a silly season. I'd say definitely. Not just silly, but probably downright bonkers. Firstly, a lot of the blogs, no matter what they're about, feed off the news and if the news is in silly season, it follows blogs will to. I'm certainly noticing a few less posts in my RSS reader over the last couple of weeks, the exception being football blogs, which haven't seem to have stopped.

Although if I see another piece anywhere speculating on Gareth Barry's non-move to Liverpool and His move from Manchester United to Real Madrid, I won't be held responsible for kidnapping said players for a year just to put us all out of our misery. Christ, can't we focus on the cricke... oh. Point taken.

But also, and it's something noted by many bloggers, myself included, sunny weather makes such a difference. Why would you want to sit indoors blogging when it's just too nice outside. Even with wifi in many green spaces, it still seems a shame to blog when there weather's nice enough to chase around all over the place. If we'd had a wet summer so far, I bet blogging and comments would be a lot higher everywhere. Mostly complaining about the weather, most likely.

Also, we're now in the school holidays and - pure speculation on my part here - having kids around means you've got less time for other stuff. Like blogging.

As for this blog, there'll be spurts and slowdowns over the coming month and a half. Not only am I incredibly busy at work, especially next week, but I'm also out enjoying the sunshine. Plus everybody seems to have a birthday at this time of the year. I blame the Christmas holidays.

So if there's a bit of a dip in posting (not, I'm sure, anybody will particularly care - and it's a bit arrogant and egocentric of me to assume so. Sorry. I know I'm a bit of a tit) then it's probably any of the above. Except children. Obviously.