Gary Elsewhere

Toddle on down to your newsagents and pick up a copy of When Saturday Comes and you'll fine a piece from me on Leigh Genesis in there (don't think it's available online, soz). Also, had I got time I'd have liked to have done a quick bit of comment on the Rotherham situation. However, Ian at Two Hundred Per Cent has written a fantastic piece, which would put anything I had to say to shame:

"Next, they have to make a firm promise that they will move back in Rotherham, even though they have no money to build a new stadium (they are completely reliant on council plans for a new community stadium for this to happen).  Knowing the speed at which local authorities move and considering that we are in the middle of a property crisis that we haven’t seen in a generation and that Rotherham’s financial straits are such that, in the current climate, they would never find funding themselves for such a project, they’re going to have make a promise that they surely know that they can’t guarantee. They must be back in four years. This is the same Football League that, ultimately, allowed Wimbledon FC to be uprooted and moved to Milton Keynes, even though they voted against it, isn’t it? It is the same Football League that routinely allows clubs to demolish their town centre stadia and move to out of town sites that are only accessible by car, isn’t it? I can’t think of a single good reason for insisting on this when they have only moved four miles in the first place."

Sorry if this has all been very football centric in the past few days. Incredibly busy, mostly with football-related work stuff as well. It's invading my head, badly. I had a dream last night at Dean Windass tackled the feral youths of South London using nothing but a snooker cue.

I could probably do with getting out more, I know...