A somewhat ranty Gary elsewhere

I've also had a bit of a soft spot for Manchester City. One of my best friends at university was a fanatical City supporter and I'd frequently become a de facto Blues supporter when watching them down the pub. In return, he got the dubious fare of the likes of Exeter v Accrington and Exeter v Grays. Thankfully, said friend has never been too happy at Thaksin Shinawatra's takeover at Eastlands, unlike the majority of Manchester City fans, who were happy to brush corruption charges, frozen assets, questions about cash flow and a poor human rights record to one side in pursuit of a place in the European Big Cup.

That said, City's current situation - with Thaksin on the run and questions about cash flow - should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody. Other than the fans who chose to bury their head in the money-shaped sand.

Needless to say I'm not impressed. The resulting article can be seen at Soccerlens. I'm expecting a fair bit of stick in the comments. I've already been called a United fan, though, which is probably as about as bad as it'll get.