I'm back

Did you miss me? [Actually, don't answer that... ]

Barcelona is an amazing city, and I'm glad I finally stepped aboard a plane. Well, not glad to be stepping on a plane, as despite a smooth flight I didn't enjoy it. But, boy, was Barcelona worth it. An utterly amazing holiday that's left me feeling refreshed and pining for sunshine. At some point, I'll do the blogging equivalent of inviting people round to look at the holiday snaps and write about it.

The only downside to the holiday:

1. England fans abroad. Can I disown Britain during international football matches?

2. Severely yanking my shoulder ligaments towards the end of the holiday, leaving me in no small amount of pain. Thankfully, it's not dislocated, but painful nonetheless. I now have some *very* strong painkillers from the doctors and a strict instruction not to play football for around 2-3 weeks. Talk about torturing a man.

But these were minor points to an otherwise amazing time in Spain. Ole!