Gary Elsewhere: on Oxford United

As the title suggest, this week's Soccerlens column is on Oxford United, and their current financial predicament. I feel sorry for Oxford's fans. They've been passed from pillar to post ever since Robert Maxwell's takeover, and are stuff suffering the effects of Firoz Kassam's stewardship of the club. The current owners are definitely a vast improvement on Kassam - and certainly aren't helped by the fact he still owns the stadium and charges rent for it - but there have probably been a couple of honest mistakes along the way.

It also doesn't help when the board stay quiet, which allows rumour and speculation to grow. Although since I wrote that piece they have apparently told Radio Oxford they're not going into administration.

What happens now remains to be seen. I, for one, hope Oxford pull through this. They've got a great set of fans who have suffered for many many years now.