Just do it

Excellent post from Adam Tinworth on digital journalism:

"This should be an exciting time for journalists. Our ability to get to news, record it and share it with the world is higher than it's ever been. So why are there do few people like Karl? Why do so many journalists regard the whole business as something to be challenged, ignored or even soundly mocked?

I think - and I've heard many others echo the same thought back to me - that we have to stop talking about wether these tools are more useful to journalists, and start using them to prove that they are.

The danger we're in right now is that many of the people who are most conversant with these tools and who are the biggest evangelists for them end up getting pulled away from the reporting positions into central development functions. They stop doing, and start encouraging others to do. But I think we need more leading by example. And we need better documentation of good journalism done with new tools. "

He's dead right. And the same goes for PR too. I spent a good deal of my time evangelising and showing others how to work these tools but there would be no substitute for sitting down and doing a fully-web intergrated piece of work that includes both traditional and new media.

There's nothing like doing something in practice to open people's eyes to the potential of new technologies.

The irony is earlier I was pinging a few emails back and forth on something I've been working on, and realised I'd completely missed a few chances to put what I preach into practice. Bad Gary. Next time... and that's a promise.