Harvest Twestival

I've long held that social media is a force for good and here's a nice little illustration of this. Tonight sees the Harvest Twestival in a venue off Trafalgar Square. But this goes beyond Twitter users simply getting to know each other - there's a real conscience behind it.

All profits from the evening go towards The Connection at St Martin's In The Field, which does sterling work with London's homeless. Attendees have also been encouraged to bring along cans of food that will be donated to the soup kitchen.

It's generated a real buzz on Twitter and shows how easy it is to get interest in these kind of events using Twitter. And it's worth remembering that a lot of people on Twitter are likely to blog, Tweet, or use other forms of social media to spread the word.

Yes, it is also a party for us social media types - and a great way to make new contacts and friends - but it serves to illustrate just what can be achieved using such a simple social media tool. And that excites me.