Stephen Fry Twitters. Twitter flutters.

This has to be one of the most exciting email titles I've ever received: "Stephen Fry is now following you on Twitter." Ok, so it may have been an automated email from Twitter, but there's no doubt that this is the real Stephen Fry following me and, at the last count, 515 others.

After announcing the news on his website earlier today, he's nearly hit 800 followers as I write this, and has caused a massive stir in the Twitter community. This isn't just any celebrity - this is Stephen Fry, who has got a devoted online fan following and makes a big effort to interact with his fans.

He's already had a small impact - anybody who didn't know he's on tonight's Never Mind The Buzzcocks does know and just one small Tweet, with typical self-deprciating humour, has probably boosted viewing figures for the show a bit.

It's also set the mircoblogging tool buzzing and is currently the topic of conversation, with people equally excited as I was that Stephen Fry is following them. Or begging for him to follow them.

You wonder how many of the fans from his website forum have signed up because he has. And without wanting to sound too hyperbolic, could Stephen Fry be the person responsible for taking Twitter even further into the mainstream? How many will join just to follow him?

Of course Stephen Fry isn't the only celebrity on Twitter. Andy Murray's on there as well, providing a small snapshot of his life (which sounds, in all honestly, exactly like you'd expect a young, reasonably level-headed tennis player to sound). There's probably a few others I don't know of. But somehow, Stephen Fry really is an A-list celeb on Twitter. And one that will probably interact.

This Tweet from CMRLee probably expresses what many Twitterers are feeling today:

"I've never seen anyone joining Twitter to cause as much excitement as @stephenfry. This is my first experience of Twitterstarstrucknes."

It'll be interesting to see how his Twitter feed develops. Will it see other celebrities joining? Would it work for other celebrities who've got very different personas and fanbases from Stephen Fry?

One thing's for sure, Stephen Fry can show a lot of other celebrities the way when it comes to using social media online. He could teach a lot of PR people a thing about this as well.