Three for three

Memes are great. Not necessarily for the insights they provide, but for the fact that even though I'm wittering on about precious little it still shows that I've posted something, possibly intelligent, thereby reminding people I'm still alive. Those who mainly come here for arbitrary ponderings on the jaffa cake/biscuit debate will be happy because it follows in this glorious tradition, while the heavy media types who (I like to imagine) read this blog, will click on their RSS readers, go "God, he's talking shite again," and quickly mark it as read, thereby saving themselves a valuable few minutes. Everybody's a winner. Anyway, I've been tagged by Lewis and because he organises great Tweet-ups, it'd be very rude of me to refuse the offer.

So, without further ado, here's the three for three meme. By the power of greyskull three, here we go:

Top three non-work websites:

1. Exeweb.  After work, I spent my time on Exeter City forums, where the most popular topic is "Last thing you had to eat". My life gets no more exciting than this.

2. I Can Haz Cheezburger? I bet you were expecting some kind of ultra-cool site nobody's ever heard of because I work in media, and must be cool like that, right? Wrong. Pictures of cats will triumph over nearly everything else ever. Pictures of cats with funny captions rule.

3. The Guardian. I eat yoghurt, I like museli and, if I could knit, I'd do so out of recycled sardine cans. Therefore, I'm a perfect fit for the Guardian's brand of middle-class save-the-world guilt. The fact that their media coverage is second to none and the daily Fiver column has me reduced to laughing like a lunatic are reasons enough to visit.

Three favourite cocktails

I'm not a great cocktail drinker, mainly because I'm a very picky drinker when it comes to spirits. I also know nothing about cocktails, other than they get me drunk. Thinking about it, I should probably know more about them.

1. Mojito. A classic.

2. Anything with blue curaco in it. I like blue curaco. It's blue and alcoholic. This appeals to me as a member of Generation XYZ.

3. Um... I told you I don't drink many cocktails. The one I had at the bloggers meetup was nice. This has to be officially the most rubbish answer to a meme ever.

Top three karaoke songs

Despite looking like somebody Hot Chip would reject on the grounds my appearance is too geeky, my voice is a strange beast that doesn't really fit any songs. Nonetheless, there's nothing like leaping up on stage and giving it some on the mic.

1. Elvis - Suspicious Minds. Last time I sang this, I had two bras thrown at me. FACT!

2. Cat Stevens - Father and Son. Tea For The Tillerman is one of the best albums ever made. FACT!

3. The Smiths - This Charming Man. Because, at heart, I'm just a jumped up country boy who never knew his place. Plus it's probably one of the few Smiths songs you can sing without sending everybody off to the toilets to slit their wrists. Not that this should matter. The Smiths are the best band in the world, and Morrissey is God. FACT!

So, now I've offered a small insight into the World of Gary (terrifying, no?), I need to tag three people to continue this pleasant little distraction. I choose Matthew, Lolly and Chris. This writer's decision is final. No refunds will be given.