Who's a-tweeting

If you're categorising Twitter users by their professions, chances are PR and journalism would come out quite high in the list (probably after social media or technology people). Chances are, though, that quite a few useful would-be contacts on both sides don't even know that a useful PR or journalist is lurking on the microblogging site. A bit like the hopeless romantic's belief that there's a perfect partner out there for everybody, just not as sickly. But one of the great things about social media is that solutions can quickly be created and then expanded on, and Stephen Davies of the excellent PRBlogger.com blog has done just that by putting together a list of UK journalists on Twitter.

It's simple, effective and very useful indeed and he should, in the next couple of days, be producing a similar list but for UK PR People. Hopefully both will soon be expanded into a wiki.

Twitter's a great tool for enhancing communication, especially because it's so instantaneous. Send a quick Twitter message to me, and chances are I'll get back to you reasonably quickly - and it certainly won't get lost in the email inbox.

Plus, there's a good chance that the journalist/PR will be Tweeting on what they're currently working on or looking to work on, making it easier to target more effectively. And if somebody becomes a pain, just unfollow and block them. Simple.

If you're a UK journalist or PR bod and on Twitter, do read as Steve's lists could be invaluable.

UPDATE: And, as Steve promised, here's his (ever growing) list of UK PR people on Twitter.

Hopefully he'll follow through with his idea to expand these lists into a wiki, as it'd be interesting to know who handles what account for PR people, and which area the journalist works in, especially freelancers. Although, on second thoughts, if you're a PR person pitching to these journalists you should probably have done your research on them in the first place...