Assorted drinking and meetups in London

Because, it's just, you know, so interesting reading people blogging about their social life... :P Sarcasm aside, this week saw the November Bloggers' Meetup in Aldgate. This event is growing every month (it was full up the afternoon it was announced), and is one of the friendliest meetups you could wish to meet.

As more than one first-timer commented to me on the night: "I was expecting it to be very formal, but people just walk up to and start chatting." It's definitely one of the most social of the social media meets, and you get to meet a very interesting and wide-ranging group.

This event didn't quite have the lure of a personalised cocktail, but had an interesting talk from Fake Plastic Noodles' Melanie Seasons on the difference between blogging in the UK and the USA. What's fascinating is how much more of a community there is between bloggers in this country than there is in the States.

Despite being a bit nervous (and even though it's a friendly crowd, I'd defy anybody not to feel a bit nervy about going up in front of a group of 80 strangers), she gave some food for thought for everybody there - and hopefully got many drinks brought for her as she deserved it.

And while I'm on the subject of drinking with interweb people, we've announced a date for the Dirty South Twit - Monday 8th December in an as-yet-to-be-announced venue is Clapham Junction. Go on, sign up and raise a glass. It'd be rude not to.