Gary Elsewhere / Soccerlens Awards

A kind of follow-on from last week's Soccerlens piece also, surprisingly enough, at Soccerlens - should the FA step in to save ailing clubs? Would it make any difference if they did? Answers to be submitted in the style of Sepp Blatter in the comments, please. Also, while you're at Soccerlens, you might want to take a moment to vote in the 2008 Soccerlens Awards. Through some hideous oversite, or probably because somebody's actually read what I write, I'm not nominated, but several other very good blogs are.

It's actually a shame that two of my favourite blogs - Two Hundred Per Cent and Some People Are On The Pitch - are both nominated in the same category for Best British Blog, but they're both excellent reads and should be in your RSS reader if they're not already.

Also, a shout out to Chris at the ace Two Footed Tackle, who's picked up a nomination for Best New Blog. Truly deserved, and I'm not just saying that because he once brought me a pint.

Finally, Chris Taylor, who I've never met but who writes the very funny, in a dry kinda way, It'll Be Off blog has been nominated for Best New Blogger. Fans of heavy sarcasm and Unibond league football may want to consider casting their vote for him.