2009 resolutions

Kerry's listed her five hopes and dreams for a digital world in 2009, and has tagged me to do the same, so here's (roughly) what I'd quite like to see or do next year. 1. That more people and companies start getting involved in social media and don't just dismiss it as "something for the internet - and we/I don't need to get involved with that". Ok, so you don't need to have a Twitter account or whatever for every single project. And, yes, sometimes working offline is equally effective, if not more so. But don't just dismiss this whole area out of hand.

2. This is quite a general one: to learn more about sites or services that I don't currently use or understand. And then see how I can make them part of my working routine. I know I don't currently get the best out of, say, Technorati. And I've only really touched briefly on Seesmic, Phreadz and moblogging. These I need to rectify.

3. This one's pretty much the same as Chris': To see more brands you wouldn't expect to be so active online get more active. Sports clubs are a prime example. There's a great audience out there waiting for something innovative.

4. To give this place a proper spruce up. Fond as I am of it, there's nothing a bit of cosmetic surgery can't solve.

5. To remember to switch off from social media from time to time. While keeping on top of the latest issues and trends is essential, I can take a night off. And those RSS feeds can wait. There's a tendency with the immediacy of the web that it has to be done and it has to be done now. And sometimes it does. But sometimes, real life takes priority. And it never hurts to take a weekend away from all things web-related to recharge the batteries.

So, with that, I'm going to ask Ben, Becky, Chris, Joanna and Nosemonkey what they hope for the year ahead.