Gary has been busy but he's still found time to be elsewhere

He'll also stop talking about himself in the third person now. Over at Soccerlens I wax lyrical about the 10 greatest ever drawn FA Cup ties and the subsequent replays.

The words "You're a bit of a sad geek, aren't you" may be used in conjunction with this article. You'd probably be right.

I've also managed to irritate Manchester United fans. Makes a change from having Manchester City fans chasing after me with pitchforks. I've actually got nothing much against either club. They both do things well and not so well. And things are never dull with either of them...

I have got other stuff I'd like to write on here, but I've not had the time as I'm insanely busy. And I don't commission myself to write a weekly piece. If I did, I'd have sacked myself by now.