The future of journalism - a wee bit of crowdsourcing

This weekend I'll be heading back to the student paper I used to edit many moons ago. They're getting a few of their more successful alumni, plus myself, back in for a day to give a mixture of training and presentations on how to get into journalism and where the media is going. So, in true social media style, I thought I'd do a quick bit of crowdsourcing (I'll also be asking on Twitter and, if a get a moment at home, Seesmic) and ask for your thoughts on this.

The question is broad but simple: What advice would you give to aspiring young journalists looking to get a foothold in the industry in this day and age?

Hopefully it'll inspire a new generation of journalists to get using social media and the like to generate stories and interact with their readers / listeners / viewers. Either that or they'll all be so Web 2.0 that they'll start throwing shoes and rotten fruit at me as I bore them hell out of them.

Your thoughts on this: ready, set GO