Nearly there

Yes, the football season it getting very close to the end, for me at least. Exeter travel to Rotherham (technically Sheffield) tomorrow and I'll be Tweeting and goalpostring as the Grecians chase promotion. Pray that we go up, so I can get back to writing proper stuff on here. Also, it means I might have to go to Gillingham for the playoffs. I like Gillingham's fans, but the place itself... Anyway, there's plenty of footballing stuff I've done this week. To whet your appetite for the final day of the Football league tomorrow, I've rounded up everything that's going on at Soccerlens.

I also continue with my uselessness in predicting the Conference.

There's also the twofootedtackle podcast with Tom Phillips where we also discuss the Football league, the bottom of the Championship, Newcastle United, more pies, the Eredivisie, and bad footballing puns.