Removal van unloaded, now to rearrange the furniture

Congratulations if you found this place. It's kind of a bit new, but in need of some DIY. Yes, after years of blogging on wherever, I finally caved in and got my own domain name. And, er, this is it. It looks exactly like the last one doesn't it.

Essentially, the plan is for this all to change. I've got plans to redesign the theme and split my feeds into at least two different topics, namely football and other stuff. And to make it look pretty.

The downside to this is I've never attempted to design a blog before.

"Get outta town," I hear you say. "You're all over teh internetz like a bad rash. How can YOU not know how to design a website?"

Um, well, I don't. And I can't. Seriously, I've no idea what I'm doing here. Blog designing lessons? CSS editing? Sorry miss, I must have been behind the bike sheds. Or doodling. Yes miss, sorry miss, won't happen again.

But, like any good man with a wanton disregard for instructions I'm going to attempt to do much of the redesign myself. So if you see funny things go on over here you'll know why. And I'll be blogging here from now on. So update your RSS feeds and your bookmarks.

No doubt this will all end in tears and I'll get somebody to do this professionally, but I at least feel I should have a go.

Like I say, tears before bedtime. Have you seen my attempts to put up shelves?