Please bear with me, your blog is important to us

Want to know the meaning of sheer blog terror? The knowledge that clicking just one button could make a huge difference to your blog. Or it could destroy it. You wouldn't know until you clicked that button. It was this form of terror I experienced at approximately 8.34pm this evening, while attempting to set up a domain redirect from my old wordpress blog to this place. I'd followed the instructions, but still wasn't entirely sure I'd done everything correctly.

My blog was going to be, essentially, a version of Schrodinger's cat.


The tension was too much. I sent a couple of emails instead. Then I looked back.

It worked. Thank whichever deity you pray to for that.

So, now I can get back on track. The redirect, to me, was always the most important thing of moving to my new domain. Otherwise, I had two blogs floating on the net, with the old one getting all the links and the traffic.

Now that's done, I can worry about the design (ha! As if I'm going to get that right without breaking something).

Meanwhile, apologies again for waffling on about the maintenance of this place. It's sort of fascinating to me, as, for all the time I've spent on the internet, I've never bothered to learn the technical stuff. Now, I'm realising that I really should have done while I had the opportunity.

Ah well. More terror up ahead.

[Incidentally, for anybody who's looking to redirect their old blog to a new domain built on, this PDF is a Godsend. It's writing for people hosting on GoDaddy, but I use Bluehosts and the method's pretty similar and easy to work out]