The FA: Whatever your level

Deep down, part of me still believes I could have made it as a footballer. Well, if it hadn't been for discovering beer and generally being lazy. And possibly learning how to tackle and head a ball. Minor inconveniences aside, I could have been a contender. Anyway, as part of my non-footballing development I stopped playing around the age of 17 when I went to college. Between then and finishing university, I really didn't play that often, other than the occasional kickabout or turning out as an unfit favour for a mate's team.

Since moving into the world of work, though, I started playing regularly for the 5-a-side team, and haven't stopped since then. I may be in a different city and different job now, but I still make a point of playing every week. Mondays are football nights, and God do I miss them if I'm not playing.

Anyway, the point of this slightly rambling reminiscing brings me to the latest campaign from the FA. Called Whatever Your Level, it's designed to encourage people to carry on playing and enjoy the game whatever your level is.

It's a very smart, slick and engaging video. I was actually asked to pop along and watch it being filmed on Hackney Marshes but sadly wasn't around at the time. My co-host of the twofootedtackle podcast, Chris, did make it down and even landed himself a quick cameo. Lucky git.

There's always a misconception, I find, that the FA is just about top level football, the FA Cup and a few other things. It really isn't - and I've seen for myself in the past their commitment to the sport at its most basic level.

The Whatever Your Level campaign is just as important to the wellbeing of football as the national team. And the FA should be applauded for their efforts here. Playing football once a week has left me fitter, healthier, stronger and even happier then when I wasn't playing. Long may it continue.