This redesigning takes time

And I wish I had more of it. What I really need is a wet Sunday where I'm doing absolutely nothing and have time to truly faff about.

In theory, changing themes shouldn't take long. In practice, it's a lot more difficult. It's amazing how many of the free themes don't work properly in Firefox or Safari. And even when you find one you like, there a lot of tweaking, which takes a lot longer than anticipated.

Plus it's taken me ages to find a theme I actually like.

This is the end result, and I'm much happier than with the old one. As and when I get time to play around further there'll be further changes, just in case you think things look different.

One day (hah!) I'd like to have a go at doing one myself, but that will involve learning CSS and that's a whole new set o'problems. It's been fun to learn as I go along though (and apologies if you've arrived here in the middle of something going horribly wrong for a few minutes). I'd even go as far as to say I've enjoyed this.