If podcasting stopped tomorrow, I'll have gone out on a high

Never meet your heroes, They say, you'll only end up disappointed. Well, I've never been one of pay that much attention to Them, and anyway, They are wrong. Last Thursday I found myself in a recording studio talking all things football with Tim Vickery for the twofootedtackle podcast.

Proving if you don't ask you don't get, Chris dropped him an email inviting him to come on the show as he was in London and a couple of week later he was in our studio.

Footballers, I can do. Celebrities, I can do. One of my favourite football writers? Just a tad nervous. It also doesn't help that Brazil is one of the few leagues I know next to nothing about (I'm a lot more au fait with Argentina).

But it was great fun, Tim Vickery is a great guy and the podcast, sounds, er, great. Great. It's certainly inspired me to push the pod onto greater things.

Although talking football on a podcast with Tim Vickery wasn't ever on my list of things to do before I die, I've decide to add it on there now. It's my life and I can change the rules, thank you very much.

In one of those weird quirks of fate, I had my hair cut yesterday by a Brazilian hairdresser. I think he was somewhat suprised by my (newly-cribbed) knowledge of Brazilian football.