More posts about buildings and food

Or rather, just food. S managed to get a few picture of the amazing dishes at Pearl before I gobbled them down. We didn't get any pictures of the interior. We were too busy eating.


This was the duck breast with watermelon feta, peanuts and satay sauce. The flavour combinations were perfect and the watermelon refreshed the palate while letting the duck do its work on the tastebuds.


The duck was a nice warm up for the best course - roast monkfish with caramelised chicken wings, artichoke gnocchi, girolles  and baby artichokes. I may have already got to work on this by the time the picture was taken.

It may not look much, but boy did it pack a flavour punch. The chicken wing was a playful addition and added even more depth to the monkfish, not that any was needed. If I could only ever eat one dish in my life again, this would be a serious contender.

The lamb course was largely demolished before we thought to take a photo. And the hazlenut chocolate parfait certainly didn't hang around long enough for the thought of a photo to even enter our minds. Both of these courses melted into the mouth and produced satisfied groans of pleasure.

I'm drooling just thinking of them now. Good job I'm not hungry, otherwise I'd be raiding the pantry instead of writing this.