Google Wave

Yes, I'm still on a sabbatical, but wanted a quick mention of Google Wave, which I finally got round to signing up after having the invite sit in my inbox for a week. First impressions... yes, well.

On one hand, I like it. There's a lot of potential there. In term of work collaboration it could be very useful indeed - kind of inbetween a wiki and email. Certainly for small group based projects with plenty of distance between them there's a lot a potential. I think Chris and I can both see it working with the twofootedtackle podcast as well.

On the other hand: what the hell do you actually do with it. About 75% of my Waves are currently conversations with other people as we try to figure it all out. I'm also not a fan of the lack of an 'undo delete' option (unless I've just not found one).

At this stage it's a bit pointless jumping on the naysayers bandwagon or the sliced bread enthusiasts bandwagon. With the fanfare of the announcement and launch, it was always going to be a tad underwhelming (especially as it can't actually slice bread). But that doesn't mean it's pointless or rubbish. We just probably haven't found the best usage for it.

Not that I necessarily think it'll have the same impact as Twitter, but there were similar comments around Twitter when that first started to enter the public consciousness (although it's worth noting that Twitter is one hell of a lot easier to master than Wave). Twitter, and indeed Facebook, are now quite different beasts from when they first started out.

Wave, I suspect, will be the same. There's probably some incredibly clever usage of Wave that will be developed a year or so down the line that will make users wonder how they ever lived without it. Or it may die on its arse. But the former's probably more likely.

Interestingly, there's a couple of people in my Wave contacts who have very little to do with social media. The industries they work in (mostly the financial sector) may just find more of a use for it. Just because the early adopter / social media sector have  jumped on it, doesn't mean it's the sector to get the best usage out of it.

Me, the best thing I can see with it so far is sharing and altering recipes and food pictures. That's been kind of fun. Live Wave cookalong anybody?

Anyway, if any readers of this blog (all 7.5 of you) want to add me on Wave I can be found at garyllewellynandrews [at] googlewave [dot] com.

Right, back to the silence.