It's all about the audio really...

As pleasant surprises go, finding your podcast has been nominated in the Best Podcast category for the 2009 Soccerlens Awards is, well, rather nice. What's really impressive is the twofootedtackle podcast's co-nominees. EPL Talk and World Soccer Daily are pretty good, but Football Ramble and especially the Guardian's Football Weekly are the dons of the football podcasting world. I suspect anybody starting a footballing podcast has Football Weekly in their mind when they do so.

Essentially, Chris and I are two people who host a podcast in our spare time. Said pod is less than a year old and has a relatively modest number of regular listeners. To even be in the same company as those on the list is a real delight and one I think Chris and I are still a tad surprised by.

I know we've not won (and I don't in a million years expect us to do so), but I'd like to say a few words of thanks to a few people as just getting to the list is an achievement. First off, to Chris for being a great co-host and always coming up with fresh ideas, to Porter Novelli for letting us borrow their studio each week, and, most importantly, to every single one of our guests on the podcast.

Seriously, it would be nothing without the variety of opinions we get from you all, and it's genuinely enjoyable to head into the studio each week not knowing where we'll be heading on our footballing chat journey.

At this stage you're probably expecting me to jump up and down and implore you all to vote for us, but I find that all a bit embarrassing (and a tad egocentric. And frankly, I don't need any extra help to sound like a tosser at the best of times).

What I will say, though, is if you listen to the show and really like it, then please do press the button next to our name. But only if you genuinely think we should win. The rest of the list is populated by great podcasts, so I seriously won't be offended if you think they're better (as they probably are).

Voting form is here.