Virtual Revolution

Sometimes shows that you're interested in pass you by. Had it not been for idly flicking through the Saturday TV listings while waiting for my toast to, er, toast I'd have completely missed The Virtual Revolution on Saturday night. And even then, I only Sky Plussed it on a whim, given that I was recording football that night as well. This is a rather roundabout way of saying make an effort to seek it out and watch it if it's passed you by as well. It's an excellent and illuminating exploration of how the internet has changed our world. It's especially good if you're new to social media and want an overview that doesn't assume knowledge or patronise. Absolutely fascinating and probably one of the few non-sport related programmes I'll be making an effort to watch.

I also suspect some of the themes in the second programme are ones I'll touch on when I finally get around to writing my Peru / social media post.

(Yes, I know it's generated a lot of buzz online. I've missed it, ok. I've been busy with other things, and when that happens, TV tends to take a back seat)